Europe is burning in an election fever

How can you visualize a parliamentary distribution on a half curve shape, like this?


If you are really interested in the points’ arrangement, check Rajeev Pandey’s deep technique process on how to build a sunburst-chart-tableau.

If you don’t really want to bother with the technique, just download my grid layout here: Excel

It contains 110 points instead of 100 because I wanted to create a shape without the straight lines.Every point belongs to an  X and Y coordinate and the most important data is the ’Percentage’ column. The color of the points depends on this information.

Andy Kriebel had already shared his waffle template:

My chart also uses his technique, just in a rotated waffle chart form.

  • Import the ’Shape’ datasource and your data, which contains the distribution (like the gender distribution).
  • I filtered out the unnecessary 10 points((-5) – (-1) and 101-105) in the report and then I got this:

  • Create a new calculated field that displays the distribution by colour.

([woman in parlament].[Rate])>=SUM([Percentage])

  • As the last step, just modify the visual and it is DONE 😊


Have fun!


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