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Design & Viz will save the world



I joined the #VizForSocialGood non-profit data viz project as a volunteer. ‘Viz for social good’ is a platform for data visualization enthusiasts who are focusing on a social problem solving by their informative visualizations. You can find more information about it:

We, data visualizers can use the power of visualization to raise awareness about a worldwide problem. I think we are the link between an organization and people because the visual communication is the only language that does not need to be translated. I want to be part of more such projects. See who are the Featured volunteers and sign up you too!

’Design & Viz will save the world’  

The last project came from UNICEF. Its aim was creating an informative dashboard on the situation of refugees and migrant children worldwide. They shared a public dataset and other usable sources.

Here is my work:

Actually, I was totally shocked seeing the data about those children. Do you might think that 31 million children are on the move based on the statistics of last year? This is a huge number and they are just children. And now we should think about what is important buying another LV bag or donate a non-profit organization. The answer is up to you.

If you know any similar non-profit project just leave a comment 🙂






Ivett Kovács

I love taking datasets into beautiful and informative visualizations. Besides data, I am also very passionate about traveling, surfing, cooking and exploring the outdoors with my dog.

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