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Week #1 – Quick Tableau Tips & Tricks


1. How to increase tableau column/row display?

Analysis->Table Layout->Advance…

The maximum number of rows/columns 16.


2. Customize your quick filters

Click on the filter menu Customize

->Show All Apply Button -it will appear at the bottom of the quick filter. When shown, changes to this filter are only applied after you click the Apply button. Note: This option is only available when you choose multiple value filter types.

->Show “All” Value – This option enables you to select all the values in the quick filter at once.

->Show Include/Exclude -You can include or exclude the selection depending on this option. The exclude means that you can hide certain values from the view.


3.Create interactive title

Edit the Title ->Insert Parameter/Filter


4. Set your custom dashboard format

Format Menu ->Dashboard


See you next week 🙂




Ivett Kovács

I love taking datasets into beautiful and informative visualizations. Besides data, I am also very passionate about traveling, surfing, cooking and exploring the outdoors with my dog.

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