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Week #2 – Hyperlink



In the next post of the series of Quick Tableau Tips & Tricks, I will show you how to use the URL action in a dashboard.

Your client wants to go to a webpage from the dashboard. Tableau offers many options, one of them is that when you can create a text hyperlink. How can you do that?

  • On a new worksheet create a new calculated field for the text.

  • Drag this field into the sheet and then use that on the dashboard.

  • Now you can add in the URL action. Select the Dashboard menu- Action – URL

  • Select the created text sheet and add the URL link. Choose a ‘Run action on’ option and test the link.


If you want to add a search hyperlink, follow this process:

I created a google search link that is embedded into the report.

  • On the dashboard select the Dashboard Menu – Actions – Add Action – URL filter




















  • Type the text you want to see in the tooltips with the specific field from the list of fields on that chart. eg.<universities>

  • Finally, drag a Web Page Object onto the dashboard, type the link. In this case, I used this


Hope you enjoyed reading this post.





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