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Dataviz meets theater


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In 2017 a Timeline storyteller custom visual became available for Microsoft Power BI. The aim of the app was to promote and support data driven journalism. I had a long-time favorite visualization picturing the daily routines of famous creatives and when I saw how beautifully Microsoft has reimagined it, I felt an instant twinge to try this out.

When making a visualization for fun, I like my hobbies to meet on the canvas. I have been a loyal fan of Katona József Theater ever since I moved to Budapest, still keep fighting for seats when the ticket sales open. It’s like attending courses at the university, you have to be just as fast to buy a ticket as taking up a subject… Except there’s full house every single time.

I put together a very simple database of the actors, that tracks their careers throughout the years.

  • grey: date of birth
  • black: university
  • yellow: other membership
  • red: Katona membership

How to play with timeline data?

The visualization was made in Microsoft Power BI, the interactive version available here. By clicking on toggle mode at the bottom of the viz, you can activate the redesign space. Here you can choose from a palette of timeline representations, scales and layouts.



Judit Bekker

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