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Tableau meets Superheroes


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Last week I saw a comic styled map on mapbox, and just like every fellow superhero fan would do, I called J.A.R.V.I.S. to prepare the data I can use this cool thingy on… Just kidding, it took me 2 days to build the dataset from IMDB and I single-handedly copied and pasted more than 400 filming locations for the map to look nice. Also I spent a Wayne Manor much money on buying icons from Etsy that I ended up not using in the viz.

On the upper part of the visualization you can see the filming sets of all superhero movies ever made by DC and Marvel, the size of the bubble stands for the number of movies using the given site. The below scatter plot shows the films by 3 dimensions: Y – IMDB rating, X – year, size – estimated budget in USD. I also added the storyline to the tooltip for those who – like me – don’t know the plot of The Return of the Swamp Thing by heart.

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Judit Bekker

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