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Who wants to sleep in a city that never wakes up?


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The birth of the riot girl

At the end of last year, I started using a Wacom tablet and turned my cold lazy Sundays into drawing bootcamps. As a practice, I started sketching the below girl who looks like the type of rebel who listens to Arctic Monkeys in a city that never wakes up and I started scrobbling the whole discography right away. I knew from the beginning that I’d use her in a data visualization project, but the idea was yet to come.

The city that never wakes up

I’m the ultimate master of recycling ideas, so I wasn’t surprised when my eyes opened wide one day at 6 AM to finally do something with this illustration I’ve been procrastinating for months. There was a meetup coming up in January where I had to present a fancy dashboard in Power BI. Inspired by the first snow before Xmas, I gave a wintery twist to my riot girl drawing. When it comes to tasks like this, I always prefer to draw everything in Adobe Illustrator and add only the viz part in Power BI. The data itself was pretty simple, coordinates of the Airbnb flats rented out in Budapest in the summer of 2017.

Power BI X Illustrator

In order to match my greyish style, I redesigned the original Icecream Mapbox theme to have it in black & white and used a free custom visual to implement it in Power BI. The heatmap got the shades of the lipstick, the darker the colour, the more visitors the place had. No wonder, that the party quarter of the 6th and 7th district is the most popular among tourists, but I was surprised by the extent of the superior position of Pest over Buda.



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