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Retro Games


Are you Tableau lover and also a fan of 80s and 90s retro video games?

Gaming now has a comparable history to movies and pop music, and just like with these the good, old classics never go away. So, tell me, have you ever tried playing your favourite games in Tableau?  Or did you even know that you could play Pac-Man or Pinball there?If you did not I have good news for you! I have collected all the games the Tableau community has made.

Let’s see the list!

Tic Tac Toe – 2014

Tic Tac Toe is a fun and timeless game. You can play any time and anywhere as long as you have a piece of paper, a pencil, and an opponent. I remember I played a lot in high school between classes and in the last row as well 😀 Have you ever thought that you could play it against Tableau? In 2014 Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan used Tableau Actions to teach Tableau how to play Tic Tac Toe!

The Snake is born – 2015

In 1997 Nokia released Snake on a phone called the Nokia 6110. Do you remember it? This was the phone your father used for work and you did for playing Snake in secret. In 2015, the greatest hacker in the Tableau world – @tfoldi brought this game to life in Tableau.

Let’s try the Tableau Cnake  🐍

Chess -2016

This game is more than 15 centuries old and still enjoyable, but who really invented the game we all love in Tableau? After Snake @tfoldi built the Interactive Chess game using Tableau JS API. 

Pinball -2018

Pinball is a 1984 pinball video game developed and released by Nintendo. I had the honor of presenting at #tc18 about one of the Starschema Extension APIs, Gyula László had created. Honestly when I got to know that I would have to do a demo about the Beatbox Chart I had no idea about the technical background of extensions. So, I decided to learn it and build one on my own.

I saw a tweet when Ben Jones, Jonny Walker Sarah and … were all playing Pinball.

It made me think and I realized that nobody had done Pinball in Tableau before. SO, let’s build a Pinball Extension.

/*Special thanks go to Soma and @judkacag. If you want to play with this version of Pinball, please download it here: 

Don’t forget to check the High Scores Board. Let’s see who can bring @robrock down?

Mario -2018

Have you ever thought that you could play with Mario directly in your Tableau Desktop?

Merlijn Buit and Tjalling Tolle has built a working Super Mario with Tableau and Tableau Extensions only!

Do you like a nostalgic gameplay? Let’s download the workbook and play it yourself.

Pac Man -2018

What happens when you mix #PacMan with #StrangerThings at #TC18? Merlijn Buit and Tjalling Tolle won the Pirate Award during the Hackathon at #TC18 for creating a playable Pac-Man game.

Looks pretty neat right?

Minesweeper -2019

If you are not so good at coding don’t worry with parameter actions, you can create incredible things like Joshua did. Let’s rediscover the most popular logic game ever; the Minesweeper. Joshua made a fully playable minesweeper in a Tableau! He did not use JS or the Extension API. He used the latest feature of 2019.2 Tableau – parameter actions. No JavaScript, no APIs – it’s pure Tableau!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the community will make next!








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