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Button design


A while ago I tweeted some nice button effects that I created in Tableau. Honestly, there is not any magic. I build them with set action and animation features.

This first tutorial focuses on line animation.


Create a data set in which you define the points to be connected.
I used this dataset with three main fields: Name, X and Y

The first view is a horizontal line that contains the First and Second points.

While the next view gets the Third data point.

We need to keep having the previous – First and Second – marks on the view to get a moving animation in Tableau.

Here is how:

  • Create a set based on the dimension.

  • Create a calculated field that uses this set.

  • Then define a new Y-axis based on the selected point to switch those 2 views by a set action.


If the [Selected Set] = ‘f’ we get the 1st view with each data point, but we assigned 1 as a new Y coordinate to the Third point.

If the [Selected Set] = ‘t’ we get the 2nd view with each data point where we use the original Y coordinates.

  • I wanted to use gradient color so I used this calculation to define the color transition.

We are almost DONE! To get the left animated lines, duplicate this view and change the rows and columns.


  • Now let’s put together the left- and right views on the dashboard. Set the Set action, and check Animations are enabled.


Let’s check the performance on the Server.

In the next tutorial, I will show how you can create a shadow effect.

Take care,




Ivett Kovács

I love taking datasets into beautiful and informative visualizations. Besides data, I am also very passionate about traveling, surfing, cooking and exploring the outdoors with my dog.

Comments (5)

  • April 29, 2020 by Stefan Zhang

    Stefan Zhang

    Hi, I find these visual buttons very beautiful and Tableau are really missing these features. I’ve been trying to make this button but the actions wont work, is it possible to get access to the twbx? Looking forward to more tutorials on these flashy buttons! 🙂

    • April 30, 2020 by Ivett Kovács

      Ivett Kovács

      Hi Stefan,

      could you please send your workbook to me?
      [email protected]

  • April 30, 2020 by Stefan Zhang

    Stefan Zhang

    Hi, Ivett. I’ll send them over, thank you!

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  • August 14, 2020 by Vijay


    Hi Ivett, this some cool visual. I was trying to develop the same, but couldn’t achieve. Can you please help by sharing the dashboard public link or a video tutorial if you have any? Thanks in advance.

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